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Let us use our contacts & expertise to find the perfect candidate for your role.

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IT Recruitment Service

Let us use our contacts & expertise to find the perfect IT candidate for your role.

Many organisations have preferred IT recruitment agencies, however this can often present problems in that the potential candidate does not reveal their true capabilities when being interviewed and put forward for an IT role and many agencies are not qualified to know whether what is being said and explained is actually accurate. Whilst wasting everyones time, more importantly can end up being a costly mistake, especially if resulting inadequate IT systems being introduced.


ITC London can step in and vet your potential candidate and see whether these candidates are actually capable of delivering the job you need them to. ITCLondon have a number of expert contacts in this field and are happy to introduce these and happy to let the company deal direct whilst under guidance from ITCLondon. If your worried about this area of your business, then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts.

ITCLondon also provide their own IT recruitment service, business development and management and will pay higher commissions than other agencies if the potential candidate is recruited and stays for an agreed amount of time. As we carry out the vetting, we will make sure that the right candidate is recruited into the right role and is capable of delivering the objectives set.

As well as Technical support, ITCLondon can provide a top level strategic forward thinking 2/3 year plan that can be implemented at the right time. Helping companies deliver better results and saving thousands of pounds across the years by getting the IT right when it mattered and not having to rectify costly IT mistakes later on.

So remember our experts can assist companies of all shapes and sizes with finding highly skilled candidates for a variety of IT roles across a number of sectors. Don't delay and contact us today.


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