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Free COVID-19 IT Support Offer

Urgently need remote IT support over the next few months! ITC London are here to help.

FREE COVID-19 IT Support

ITC London is offering free remote IT Support to new customers for the duration of the furlough period plus one additional month.

The following services offered will be tailored to suit your requirements and include but are not limited to the following:

· User Support

· Infrastructure Support and all IT Security requirements

· IT Monitoring & Reports

· Communication Services


Heavily discounted Project work to new customers.

If you require any IT changes then project engineers can be provided to undertake all required work. This work will be heavily discounted by 50% during the furlough period. Our day rates vary depending on the skill sets required.

Discounted rates during this period range from £250-£500 per day.

Terms and conditions apply, contact us to find out more.


Don't delay and contact us today on: 0203 7735030 to apply and for further details on this offer.

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