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Take control of the digital world with trusted cyber solutions and IT support

FIND AN EXPERT TEAM THAT excels at all things digital at ITC London. Offering 24/7 fully managed support, these highly qualified experts can act as your outsourced IT department.

From a small business looking for complete support, or a director of a large company with international subsidiaries, ITC London hold the highest levels of certification and can deal with all aspects of IT support no matter how demanding.

The company specialise in cross-functional platform, device and database agnostic solutions – including network solutions, IT support, consultancy or assistance with telephony systems.

About: Founded in 2015 by James Bradley Carter, who had been head of IT for a large multi-national cosmetics company, the computer whiz left to pursue a role in a more technological centric position. After working with a City-based Managed Services Provider (MSP) for two years, James started his own MSP and support company.

Installing core values he believed were missing with MSP and service providers, James brings integrity, complete transparency, total ownership and deliverance to ITC London.

Partners: ITC London is proud to have forged partnerships with some of the world’s leading and highly rated companies who deliver high-end quality customer service and solutions using the most up to date and innovative technology with the end user in mind.

For a free IT infrastructure health check call 0203 773 5030 and mention The Checklist.

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