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Refer a company to ITC London and if they become a client we'll reward you with 10% of the contract for life.
*Subject to T&Cs.

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IT Solutions Referral Scheme - Earn 10% of the contract

At ITC London we specialise in providing 24/7 fully managed IT solutions to the IT industry. We pride ourselves on work with only credible and registered expert partners and receiving clients through word of mouth. So who better to introduce us to potential clients than those who know us best?

We have created a referral reward scheme to reward you or anyone that takes part. Simply refer a company to ITC London and if they become a Fully Managed IT Solutions client, we'll reward you with 10% of the contract for life.
*Subject to Terms and conditions.


Yes you heard right! you could earn 10% of the value of the monthly managed contract for simply referring a potential new client or contract to ITCLondon.


Here’s how our referral scheme works:

  • You can qualify whether you are an individual, a business owner or an employee of a business, an existing client or whether you have just heard about our referral scheme.

  • Simply submit the referral and you will receive a 10%* fee every month for the life of the contract referred.

  • You will receive your reward once the official client agreement is signed up to one of our Fully Managed IT Solutions and is up and running and has completed their first month.

  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.

  • All you need to do is completed the form below and use the words REFERRAL in the message and we’ll take it from there.

We value every referral we receive and take great care in the way we contact referrals from you or our clients and partners. We’ll contact you first to find out more information before reaching out to the referred client for the first time.

If you have questions about the referral scheme or the types of companies we’re looking to partner with, then why not contact us on 0203 773 5030 or e-mail your questions to


Thank you and good luck earning money for simply referring clients to us!

Refer a potential client to us today


Specialists in 24/7 fully managed IT solutions. Over 27 years of expertise, trusted in the industry, work with only credible and registered expert partners, expert team on-hand to support and solve all of your IT needs. Enhanced customer service levels often going over and above what has been agreed at no extra fees as well as reasonable, realistic costs are just some of the reasons to engage with ITC London.


We pride ourselves on the following core values helping us achieve our goals. Our aim is to treat your business as if it were our business.

Honesty - Honest in everything we do

Integrity - Being transparent and doing the right thing every time

Trust - We believe that people work best when there is a solid foundation of trust.

Quality - Nothing less than quality matters

Punctuality - We will deliver on time every time

Deliverable - We are totally dedicated and will deliver exactly what we say we will no matter what

Terms and Conditions*

  • Referred clients must become a Fully Managed IT Solutions client with ITC London.

  • Referred clients must be in good standing with ITC London where the client account is fully paid up to date and no in-arrears with invoices.

  • Referrer must not be an owner or director within the organisation that is associated with the referral.

  • Referrer will receive 10% in £ each month of the referred client monthly managed contract fee and for the life of the contract.

  • Referrer is responsible for declaring and paying own taxes out of income generated via the referral scheme.

  • 10% referral fee does not include call-outs or hardware costs associated with the client managed monthly contract, these costs will be deducted each month and the remaining cost of the client service will qualify for the 10% referral fee.

  • Referral fee payments will be paid out after each month completed by ITC London for the referred client (minus any deductions for call outs and hardware costs) and as long as the said referred client is up to date on paying their contract costs. Should a referred client fall behind in their invoiced costs this will trigger a temporary hold on the referral rewards scheme until invoices are up to date and paid.

  • Should a referred client terminate their fully managed contract with ITC London then the referral reward scheme will cease to exist with that contract and no more referral fee payments will be made.

Thank you and good luck earning money for simply referring clients to us!

Refer a potential client to us today



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